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INT-9987D Intermediate Data Rate Demultiplexer -> Dual ITU / CEPT E1 Output


The INT-9987D is a demutilplexer that provides 16 independent channels. Each channel accepts an input signal that either conforms to the ITU / CEPT E1 format at 2048 kbps, or to the Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) format at 2144 kbps and its output conforms to the ITU / CEPT E1 format at 2048 kbps. The unit automatically identifies the signal type of each input channel and this is displayed on the front panel VFD display. Inputs at 2048 kbps are passed through the unit unmodified. It is not necessary for these signals to have valid E1 framing. This may occur when the input signals are encrypted. IDR inputs at 2144 kbps are framed and demultiplexed. The 96 kbps of IDR overhead are discarded and the 2048 kbps of payload data is output. Each of the 16 E1 payloads is converted into two identical ITU / CEPT E1 G.703 AMI / HDB3 signals and are output. Additionally the unit provides an IDR formatted output signal that may be used in conjunction with a bit-error-rate test set (BERT) to verify the unit is functional. The INT-9987D is enclosed in a standard 2U (3.50" high) rack mount chassis, and operates from 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz power.

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