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INT-9951 PCI ITU / CEPT E1 Demultiplexer


The INT-9951 is a demultiplexer for ITU / CEPT telecommunications standard E1 rate (2.048 Mbps) PCM signals. It is a single standard length PCI Bus printed circuit board that is compatible with many host computers and software operating systems. Multiple INT-9951 demultiplexers may be installed in a single host computer, limited only by the number of free PCI slots available.

The E1 demultiplexer includes a 31 x 31 non-blocking crosspoint switch. This feature allows the user to assign any E1 PCM input timeslot (1 – 31) to any one or more of the 31 audio outputs. It permits applications such as activity scanning, output routing based on signal type recognition, and many others.

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