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INT – 9775 AMI <> NRZ Converter


The INT-9775 is an exceptionally versatile signal converter. It supports American Bell and European ITU telephony standard multiplexed PCM signals (AMI) as well as TTL, single ended ECL (SECL) and differential ECL (DECL) NRZ inputs and outputs. Internal switching circuitry allows any input to be converted and simultaneously routed to any one or more of the outputs. This versatile configuration not only permits conversion of AMI to and from NRZ signals, but AMI to AMI and NRZ to NRZ as well. For example:

E3 AMI/HDB3 may be converted to TTL, SECL and DECL NRZ, while simultaneously converting TTL, SECL or DECL NRZ to E3 AMI/HDB3.

SECL NRZ may be converted to DECL NRZ, while simultaneously converting DECL NRZ to SECL NRZ. When converting ECL to and from ECL, clock rates up to 200 MHz are supported.

E3 AMI/HDB3 unbalanced 75 Ohm may be simultaneously converted to and from E3 AMI/HDB3 balanced 120 Ohm. The unit also features PCM framing recognition circuitry. The framer may be connected to any of the four inputs. If the input signal meets the selected framing standard the Frame Lock LED on the front panel is turned on. However, frame lock is NOT required to permit the processing of inputs. This allows the unit to process unframed input signals or signals with non-standard PCM framing characteristics.

The INT-9775 is controlled either locally from its front panel, or remotely from its serial

RS-232 interface. It is enclosed in a standard 1U (1.75" high) rack mount chassis, and operates from 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz power.

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