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MODEL INT-9651 E1 / T1 Multiplexer / Demultiplexer


The INT-9651 is a T1 / E1 selectable primary rate multiplexer and demultiplexer in a single rack-mountable unit. The multiplexer and demultiplexer portions of the unit may be operated independently in either the European E1 mode at 2.048 MBps, or the American DS1 / T1 mode at 1.544 MBps. Selection of the operating mode is not a factory installed option, but may be made by the user by front panel or remote control commands. This flexibility allows the unit to perform a wide variety of primary rate signals switching functions. Some examples are:

    • E1 Multiplex / E1 Demultiplex
    • T1 Multiplex / T1 Demultiplex
    • E1 Multiplex / T1 Demultiplex
    • T1 Multiplex / E1 Demultiplex
    • E1 to T1 Conversion
    • T1 to E1 Conversion
    • 31 Channel Non-Blocking Audio Crosspoint Switch

The multiplexer section of the INT-9651 combines 31 audio inputs into either a single E1 primary rate PCM signal, or a single T1 primary rate signal containing 24 of the 31 audio inputs. The demultiplexer section of the INT-9651 accepts an E1 or T1 signal and extracts 31 or 24 audio signals respectively. The multiplexer includes a full non-blocking crosspoint switch that enables the user to map any audio input signal to one or more E1 or T1 output timeslots. The INT-9651 demultiplexer can also take an E1 or T1 input signal and map any timeslot to any one or more of the audio output BNC's. An internal loopback capability allows the user to internally connect the multiplexer output to the demultiplexer input. In this loopback mode the unit operates as a non-blocking audio crosspoint switch. Both front panel and remote controlled operation are provided. An internal speaker and external headphone jack allow the operator to monitor any multiplexer audio input or demultiplexer E1 or T1 input timeslot.

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