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INT-9501 Hand Held Spectrum Analyzer


The INT-9501 provides the capabilities of a small hand held spectrum analyzer by displaying the frequency domain power spectra of the input signal on its LCD display. Pan and zoom controls allow the user to vary the center frequency and displayed bandwidth to a resolution of 1 KHz.  

The unit samples the video input signal at 16.384 MSPS to 8 bits and stores 16k continuous samples in high speed FIFO memory for subsequent retrieval and analysis by its on card DSP processor. A DSP microcomputer implements signals processing algorithms to compute the selected power spectra to display on the LCD. Six AA batteries with an operating life of 5 hours power the unit. Small physical size is essential, and the design uses surface mounted small outline integrated circuits for this purpose. 

The INT-9501 accepts video input signals via SMA connector. The input must be band limited DC - 8192KHz, at a maximum level of 0.6v pp. Input signals are buffered using an Analog Devices AD9617 op amp and applied to an Analog Devices AD9020 analog to digital converter. The AD9020 digitizes the video input to 8 bits with a SNR of 40 dB minimum at 16.384 MSPS. The digitized video is clocked directly from the AD9020 into an IDT7206 FIFO, which provides storage for 16,384 samples

An Analog Devices AD2101 DSP serves as the central processing element. A 16Kx24 program memory RAM and 7 pages of 16Kx16 data memory RAM using Sharp LH21008K or equivalent SRAMs are available. The serial interface conforms to RS-232 signal levels and operates full duplex at up to 19,200 bps. The PCMCIA and serial interfaces are unused at the present time

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