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INT-9128-IOM Dual 128 x 128 Matrix Switch

I/O Module


 The INT-9128-IOM is a member of the INT-9128 family of serial data switching products. This chassis provides 16 slots for plug-in input and/or output converter cards. Each plug-in input card accepts one of a wide number of commonly used signal types such as ITU/E3 or NRZ Differential ECL, and converts this to the signal format compatible with an INT-9128-SW input. Plug-in output cards perform the reverse function. The INT-9128-SW is a very large-scale digital switch for signals having rates ranging from DC to 667 Mbps. It provides a total switching fabric bandwidth of over 170 Gbps. Its totally non-blocking switch architecture permits the user to arbitrarily connect any of 128 inputs to any one or more of 128 outputs. This combination of the INT-9128-SW and INT-9128-IOM converters provide the user exceptional versatility for both the conversion and switching of large numbers and types of digital signals. Additional information on the INT-9128-SW chassis is available in a separate operations and maintenance manual for that product.

Input and output signals to be converted are via the rear panel, using various connectors such as BNC or Twinax that are appropriate for each specific signal type. Converted signals are sent to and from the INT-9128-SW using a standard 8-pin RJ-45 connectors and Category 5 cables. Applications in which rates exceed 200 Mbps may require the use of the companion sixteen channel INT-9128-DS unit for cable equalization, de-jitter and de-skew.

The INT-9128-IOM may also be used as an inexpensive stand-alone converter for up to 8 signals. This is accomplished by directly connecting input converter cards to output converter cards via Category 5 cables rather than routing the cables to and from an INT-9128-SW. A patch panel for Category 5 cables may also be interposed between input and output cards to provide a manual switching capability. This stand-alone mode of operation serves as a backup for manually routing critical signals in the event of failure of an INT-9128-SW.

The unit is a 10 " high standard 19" rack mounted enclosure requiring 50 Watts of 120 VAC 50/60 Hertz power.

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