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INT-8987 Vector Signal Mapper


The INT-8987 Vector Signal Mapper (VSM) is a data translator. The unit accepts as its input a clocked parallel data word that is from 1 to 16 bits in width. An output word of the same width is produced by applying this input word to a programmable look up table (LUT). The LUT is loaded via an internal processor that may be controlled by the system user from the remote control interface. The contents of each LUT location may be programmed to be any desired binary data value. Alternatively the LUT contents may be specified by a Boolean expression to be a function of the input vector. This is a handy to define shift, rotational and complimentary mapping. Using this method each output bit is specified to be equal to any one of the input bits, or the complement of any of the input bits.

The INT-8987 VSM is a two-channel unit. It accepts and maps two independent input vectors via two separate LUT's to output words.

The INT-8987 is enclosed in a full width 3U (5.25 high) rack mount chassis.

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