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INT-8985 NRZ Encoder / Decoder


The INT-8985 has two primary data paths: the Encoder and the Decoder. These two paths are completely independent, and may be used to simultaneously process two unrelated signals.

The Encoder subsystem is comprised of four major elements. These are the input formatter, feed-thru scrambler, look up table, and the differential encoder. The input formatter accepts the data signal that is to be encoded from the external connector. The data signal may be either a serial bit stream, or parallel symbol stream. Serial data may be converted to parallel symbols, or parallel symbols may be converted to serial data by the input formatter. The required data format is selected and applied to the feed-thru scrambler. Scrambling is used in the digital modulation process to produce quasi-random, yet recoverable, data for transmission. The user may select any combination of up to 24 feedback taps for each of the eight input rails. Furthermore the user may cross connect scrambler taps for the first four inputs. The scrambled data is applied to a programmable look up table to map the input bits to symbols. These are applied to a differential encoder and output to the external connector.

The Decoder subsystem is also comprised of four major elements. These are the differential decoder, the look up table, the descrambler, and the output formatter. Their functions are the inverse of the encoder subsystem elements described above.

The INT-8985 is enclosed in a full width 3U (5.25 high) rack mount chassis. 

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