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INT-8980B CEPT <-> NRZ Converter


The INT-8980B CEPT / NRZ Converter is a dual-purpose unit. The CEPT to NRZ portion accepts as input an ITU / CEPT standard E1, E2 or E3 serial input and converts this to clocked NRZ output. The user may select its NRZ output to be clocked data words of from 1 to 16 bits wide. Bit ordering of the clocked output data words may be selected to place the oldest bit to be in either the highest numbered (MSB) or lowest numbered (LSB) position. The NRZ to CEPT portion performs the reverse function accepting clocked NRZ input and converting to ITU / CEPT E1, E2 or E3 for output. NRZ inputs and outputs are differential ECL, conforming to MECL 10k standards, and VRDI standard pin assignments. The INT-8980B may be controlled from its front panel, or remotely via RS-232.

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