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INT-8900A ITU / CEPT E1 Demultiplexer


The INT-8900A is an ITU / CEPT E1 primary rate demultiplexer. It accepts a standard E1 2.048 Mbps HDB3 coded input, performs frame synchronization, and outputs 30 audio voice grade channels. A front panel LED display indicates when a valid CEPT E1 signal has been input to the unit, and when frame synchronization has been achieved. The INT-8900A also includes a headphone / scan audio output, and an RS-232C data output that contains the CEPT E1 time slot 16. A front panel default switch may be used to command the unit to output CEPT E1 time slots 1 - 15 and 17 - 31 to audio outputs 1 - 30. Alternatively, an RS-232C remote control device such as an IBM/PC may be used to map any CEPT E1 timeslot to any one or more of the audio outputs. The INT-8900A is DC powered (9V - 16V), and is TEMPEST compliant.

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