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INT-7903 FDM Supergroup to ITU / CEPT E1 Transmultiplexer


The INT-7903 accepts an analog FDM input that must be band limited from DC to 252 KHz. Up to 31 embedded 4 kHz wide voice grade channels (VGC's) are demodulated, digitized, companded and output as an ITU / CEPT E1 PCM signal. Each of the 31 VGCs may be individually tuned, starting at any frequency multiple of 125 Hz, and may be either upright or inverted sideband.

The INT-7903 is enclosed in a full width 1U (1.75 high) rack mount chassis, and operates from either 120 / 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz AC power, or optionally DC power. The unit is controlled remotely via its serial RS-232C interface. 

The INT-7903-E2 expands the capabilities of the basic INT-7903 by incorporating four FDM to E1 transmultiplexers and an ITU / CEPT E2 multiplexer into a single chassis. The INT-7903-E2 is enclosed in a full width 3U (5.25 high) rack mount chassis.

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