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INT-7900 ITU / CEPT E1 to FDM Supergroup Transmultiplexer


The INT-7900 accepts an ITU / CEPT E1 PCM input signal. It outputs an FDM signal occupying a bandwidth of 320 KHz. Its center frequency may be selected to be any multiple of 64 KHz between 1 MHz and 8 MHz using internal switch settings. Upright sideband VGC's proceed upward in frequency starting at the center frequency, and each occupying 4 KHz. These are called BBND 00 through BBND 31. Inverted sideband copies of these same VGCs proceed downward in frequency starting at the center. Any of the VGC inputs (CEPT00 - CEPT31 or VGCI) may be output on any one or more of the BBND output channels except for BBND 16. BBND 16 is reserved for signaling and may not be used for VGC audio. The FDM output is phase locked to the CEPT IN 2.048 Mhz recovered clock. 

The INT-7900 is enclosed in a full width 2U (3.5 high) rack mount chassis, and operates from either 120 / 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz AC power, or optionally DC power. The unit is controlled remotely via its serial RS-232C interface.

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