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INT-2056 E3 to E1 Switching Demultiplexer


The INT-2056 is a versatile switching demultiplexer for ITU / CEPT telecommunications standard E3 rate (34.368 Mbps) PCM signals. It accepts 20 independent E3 inputs and allows the user to demultiplex and selectively output any 64 of the 320 possible E1 tributaries embedded within the E3 inputs. Optionally the unit also provides 20 E3 outputs. The user may select any E3 input to be routed to any one or more of these E3 outputs, providing a fully non-blocking 20 x 20 E3 switching capability. E3 switching is completely independent from E1 output selection. Control and status is provided via a 9-pin ‘D’ connector serial port with signaling conforming to EIA standard RS-232C. The configuration of the unit maintained in non-volatile memory and the unit is restored to its prior operating state when power is applied. The unit is a 10 " high standard 19" rack mounted enclosure requiring 175 Watts of 120 VAC 50/60 Hertz power.

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